Like This How To Read The Results Of Blood Pressure Checks

Blood pressure checks are now done independently at home. However, the diagnosis must be carried out by a doctor or medical staff. Blood pressure checks are performed to monitor the health of blood circulation in the body. There are various factors that can affect your blood pressure, ranging from lifestyle, activity, to psychological. Routine blood pressure checks are usually recommended by a doctor. Understanding Blood Pressure Test Results There are two numbers listed on the blood pressure gauge. The number above shows the systolic pressure, while the number below shows the diastolic pressure. Blood pressure levels are measured on a mmHg or millimeter of mercury (mercury) scale. In the medical world, mercury is used as a standard unit of measurement for blood pressure. From the results of blood pressure checks, can be categorized as follows: Normal A blood pressure level of less than 120/80 mmHg can be considered normal. If your blood pressure is normal, maintain it by
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